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RUSU is proud to represent the needs of a unique, ever-changing and diverse student body at RMIT. Our Clubs and Societies (C&S) Department is dedicated to helping students explore their social, professional, political, spiritual and cultural identities by supporting a wide array of campus clubs. Each club is run by RMIT students for RMIT students and is open for membership to all RMIT students!

At the bottom of the page you will find links to our different club and socities categories, new clubs handbook and additional clubs resources. 

MID-YEAR AFFILIATION FOR NEW & LAPSED CLUBS: Applications for mid-year to mid-year affiliations are now open. To enquire about mid-year affiliations or to reaffiliate lapsed clubs (clubs that did not manage to reaffiliate at start of year), please email your Clubs & Societies Officer in the first instance (contact details below). Mid-year affiliations wil be open to brand new clubs and lapsed clubs. 

Clubs must reaffiliate on an annual basis (it is not a once only process)

RUSU C&S Staff contact details:

Jacqueline Out (Jacq) for City Campus based Clubs (except political clubs) 
City Campus Clubs & Societies Officer
Phone: 9925 3706

Candice Worsteling for Bundoora or Brunswick campus based clubs and all political clubs 
Brunswick & Bundoora Campuses Clubs & Student Engagement Officer
Tel: Brunswick:  9925 9277 (Mon & Tues) 
Tel: Bundoora: 9925 7130 (Thurs & Fri) 

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